We are a missions based church and we believe that carrying out missions work is not only a command from Christ, but also our responsibility to the world as Christians. We support many missionaries around the globe and right here in the United States. Missions is always thought of as being something carried out in another country but missions is also right here in our own back yards; our country, our cities, our schools and our workplaces. Everyone needs the saving Grace of our Saviour but how will they know if we do not go and tell them? (Romans 10:12-15)

our missionaries


Larry and Tammy

Allred, Jr., 
Mexico larry.allred@bbfimissions.org www.meridanorte.org

Baptist Bible Tribune
BBFI Missions Office    

Arnold & Leslie Belasco
Spain arnold.belasco@bbfimissions.org www.spainstakes.org

James & Susie Biven
Mexico rick.biven@bbfimissions.org www.bivenministries.com

Kevin & Kristina Brown
Croatia kevin.brown@bbfimissions.org www.mercyngrace4croatia.blogspot.com

Carl & Bonnie Clark
Botswana carl.clark@bbfimissions.org  

Dave Cook

Aris Depano

George & Luisa Dimakos
Greece george.dimakos@bbfimissions.org

Robert Emanuel

Andrew Even
Manna aeven@mannaworldwide.com  

Nathan & Tiffany Foltz
Tanzania nathan.foltz@bbfimissions.org www.foltzwagen.com

James & Lanelle George
Ivory Coast  

Robert & Joanna Graham
South Africa robert.graham@bbfimissions.org www.sacrp.org

Betty Hall
Mexico bahall@yahoo.com  

Rex & Jan Harmon
Jamaica rex.harmon@bbfimissions.org  

Matthew Henry
India pmhfigc@hotmail.com  

Janice Hickey
Ecuador janice.hickey@bbfimissions.org  

Naim & Elvira Khoury
Israel nkhoury@fbcbethlehim.com www.fbcbethlehem.com

Instep   www.lbu.edu

George & Betty Lewis
Canada george.lewis@bbfimissions.org  

Jon & Becky Liles

Greg & LuAnn Lyons
Philippines greg.lyons@bbfimissions.org www.globalsurge.org

Clifford & Neoma McGhee
Ecuador cliffmcghee@gmail.com www.mcgheeministries.org

David & Mary Moody
New Zealand david.moody@bbfimissions.org

Beau & Valerie Moore
Portugal beau.moore@bbfimissions.org www.moores2portugal.com

Ruben & Valerie Murillo
Mexico murillo_ministries@prodigy.net.mx  

Michael & Christy Napper
Burkina Faso nappers2burkina@yahoo.com www.napperministry.com

Fernando & Laura Naranjo
Ecuador nandoyla@hotmail.com  

Michael  & Tammi Nelson
Australia michael.nelson@bbfimissions.org

Ricky & Jaime Owens
Wales stickowens@yahoo.com  

Evelyn & Sarah Patterson
Mexico evelyn@oncinc.com  

Mike & Becky Patterson
Mexico mpatterson@mtabarim.org

Gary & Nina Phillips
Philippines pgnphillips2013@yahoo.com  

Giorgio & Janna Romani
Peru giorgio.a.romani@gmail.com  

Adolfo & April Ruesga
Mexico adolforuesga@gmail.com

Jonathan & Anna Saliba
Columbia jonathan.saliba@bbfimissions.org www.teamcolombia.org

Eric & Amanda Shadle
Ethiopia eric.shadle@bbfimissions.org

Stan & Jackie Sherwood
Panama stan.sherwood@bbfimissions.org www.facebook.com/sherwoods.panama

Bill & Rhonda Smith Jr.
Belize billsmithbelize@gmail.com  

Bob & Betty Smith
Mexico missionarybobsmith@hotmail.com  

Maxine Smith
Mexico texassongbird@yahoo.com  

Peter & Iveta Surovcket
Slovakia surovcket@juno.com  

Steve & Janelle Swan
Bulgaria sofiasteve@gmail.com

Ron Trosclair
BBF Builders rontros@yahoo.com  

Yoshi & Hyeyeon Ubukata
Church Planter yoshiubukata@yahoo.co.jp  

Tom & Carol Wallace
Ireland tom.wallace.sr@bbfimissions.org  

Ira & Angela Walton
Gateway Project    

Anna West
Costa Rica annamariewest08@gmail.com  

Mike & Cristy Wyatt
Japan michael.wyatt@bbfimissions.org www.wyattstojapan.weebly.com