Approved workman are not ashamed

Director: Teresa paulk

    Welcome to AWANA clubs at Baptist Tabernacle.  After salvation, teaching our children to be approved workman that are not ashamed is the number one goal in our AWANA ministries.   These weekly AWANA meetings are filled with love, biblical teaching, and encouragement in a time when our children need it the most. It is a great way to help you, as a parent, teach your children to love and serve Christ.  
     Each club meeting is divided into three sessions which include handbook time for memorizing scripture and learning basic Biblical principles, game time for recreation and to teach peer relationship skills, counsel time to hear about the Word of God.

Each child will learn to be more like Christ while they learn scripture, earn uniforms and awards, and compete in games designed to teach respect and team work.We are here in Awana to help you and your children, ages 3 years old to 6th grade, love the Lord even more.Our club meetings run from September to May of each year, with a few days off for holidays. We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:00. Parents please click link for fun/informational page from Awana. Please e-mail me at for any comments or questions. I would like to know how this year is going for you and your family.   We can't wait to see your kids in Awana. 

For Our Children:Teresa